Frequently Asked Questions

Why Diamond Hands?

Throughout the decade of the 2010s, a new industry started developing. An industry that would shake up the entire financial and monetary systems to their cores. An industry that would challenge the status quo. The industry that became known the world over as “Crypto”.

Given the novelty and complexity of crypto, a double-edged sword presented itself. On one side we see extraordinary potential returns that cannot be matched by any other industry, while the other edge showed very high levels of risk. That risk mainly stemmed from the information and knowledge asymmetry present amongst market participants which made it a rough playground for those who did not put in the work.

A special type of species arose from the depths of Discord during that time, a type of market participant that would defeat the markets by using first principles thinking and research which would help them build unparalleled conviction. The type of conviction that would make it impossible to shake their market positions so long as the ultimate vision they saw for crypto wasn’t yet fulfilled by the market. A conviction that led to an outperformance of the average homosapien.

This is when the Diamond Hands were born.

When and how will minting work?

Minting will open at 10:00 UTC on the 25th of February 2022. There will be 4 phases of minting.

Phase 1 – 24 hours – starts at 10:00 UTC on 25/02/2022 – Active CPro members who are on the Whitelist can mint ONLY ONE.

Phase 2 – 24 hours - starts at 00:00 UTC on 26/02/2022 – Active CPro members will be able to return and mint up to 14 more NFTs.

Phase 3 – 12 hours – starts at 12:00 UTC on 26/02/2022 – Anyone on the Whitelist will be able to mint one NFT.

**Every Active CPro member on the Whitelist is guaranteed there will be an NFT available for them.**

How many will there be?

5,000 only. Why? We want to ensure CPro Minters end up going down in history as the “OGs of CPro”. There will be 100 reserved for the Team at Cryptonary & Future Giveaways. If, and only IF, the CPro Whitelist crosses 4,900 unique whitelisted addresses then we’d increase the supply to ensure each and every CPro Diamond Hander gets a fair chance to mint!

Why should I Mint?

Beyond giving yourself a metaverse PFP to show off that you’re part of the CPro Community, you get loads of benefits!

  • 3 Months of Free CPro access for holders who stake their NFT. Once the free months are redeemed, stakers will receive a monthly discount for their CPro access.
  • Free access to all CPro events (in-person & virtual) until 2025.
  • Quarterly skill-based on-chain gameswith a $5,000 prize pool throughout 2022.
  • Airdrops from CPro-supported projects and CoinDrip merch, based on the NFT you mint.
  • Fractionalised ownership of an NFT Treasury curated by the CPro research team for holders who stake their NFT.
  • Free borrowing of gaming NFTs for Diamond Handstakers, allowing them to try crypto games at no cost.
  • Access to an initialized and operational DAO – with an exclusive integration with AlphaDAO.
  • Community-proposed charities to receive donations from Diamond Hands – with voting to be completed On-Chain.
  • 30% discount on CoinDrip Merch for 2022.
  • Access to the best Solana Analytics platform for unique insights into NFTs and DeFi on Solana. Accompanied by an exclusive masterclass course on how to utilise the platform(created by the CPro research team).
  • Access to a limited number of research reports and Discord AMAs from CPro(if not an active member).

**The next CPro Meetup will be livestreamed so every member can attend, either physically or in the metaverse…**

**We do not believe Staking is a perk or part of the Roadmap. Staking will be operational immediately after the mint concludes.**

Learn more about perks here

Will it be on Ethereum or Solana?

Solana – for the gas fees lol. And because our dev didn’t let us do it on ETH.

Transaction fees on Solana are very cheap and 0.1SOL is enough to cover hundreds of transactions. We recommend that the wallet you use to mint has more than 2.1 SOL. 2SOL for the NFT, and 0.1SOL to cover all your future gas fees!

Why is Phase 1 limited to one mint per member?

We’ve limited Phase 1 to one mint per member to ensure the NFT collection cannot sell out too quickly. We want every single Pro member to have the chance to mint an NFT. This makes the mint 100% fair.
In Phase 2, you’ll get the chance to mint many more!


How much does one Diamond Hands NFT cost?

2 SOL – if you work out just the value from the first two benefits only you’ll find over $250 of value:

  • 2.5 Months of CPro: $130+
  • At least 3 Free Entries to CPro Events: $120+

What is the CPro Foundation?

The CPro Foundation will receive a donation worth 10% of all Diamond Hands mint proceeds where holders will get to choose which charities receive the funds. This will become operational afterwards for people to donate money through to causes chosen by the Diamond Handers.

How will the airdrops work?

NFT holders will be eligible for airdrops based on the attributes of the NFT they mint. Each NFT represents its own airdrop. For example, if someone mints 2 NFTs and both have a ‘CPro hoodie’ attribute (this attribute receives an airdrop), they would receive 2 hoodies. One hoodie per NFT.

Similarly, one NFT can be eligible for 2 airdrops, if it has 2 attributes that receive an airdrop!

How are the free months and perks redeemed?

Stay tuned for the Staking announcement – immediately after the mint completes!

Will the NFTs be listed on a marketplace?

Yes! Diamond Hands NFTs will be available on Solanart ( ) and MagicEden (

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