Why Diamond Hands?

Throughout the decade of the 2010s, a new industry started developing. An industry that would shake up the entire financial and monetary systems to their cores. An industry that would challenge the status quo. The industry that became known the world over as “Crypto”.

Given the novelty and complexity of crypto, a double-edged sword presented itself. On one side we see extraordinary potential returns that cannot be matched by any other industry, while the other edge showed very high levels of risk. That risk mainly stemmed from the information and knowledge asymmetry present amongst market participants which made it a rough playground for those who did not put in the work.

A special type of species arose from the depths of Discord during that time, a type of market participant that would defeat the markets by using first principles thinking and research which would help them build unparalleled conviction. The type of conviction that would make it impossible to shake their market positions so long as the ultimate vision they saw for crypto wasn’t yet fulfilled by the market. A conviction that led to an outperformance of the average homosapien.

This is when the Diamond Hands were born.

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