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Embark on an unchartered journey with us. The future of finance awaits.








Popular Diamond Hands

Born from the revolutionary decade of the 2010s, our unique avatars are not just digital art – they’re your entry ticket to an unparalleled financial revolution.

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Our Vision

The Dawn of a New Era

Our vision is clear—to forge a path where every Diamond Hands member holds the key to collective prosperity.

  • Fund launch

    The Diamond Hands Fund will empower our community with collaborative investment opportunities

  • Cryptonary perks

    Exclusive Cryptonary perks will enrich our holders’ experiences

  • Strategic collaborations

    Our Partnerships Program aims to forge strategic alliances and enhance the Diamond Hands ecosystem

  • Road to $1M

    We aim to grow the Diamond Hands treasury to $1 million, to strengthen our community's financial stability and growth


Your Key to Exclusive Opportunities

  • Voting power

    Shape our future by voting in Diamond Hands Fund decisions

  • Enhanced affiliate commission

    Earn more with boosted Cryptonary affiliate commissions

  • Exclusive community

    Connect with a community of pioneers and innovators

  • Shared treasury

    Gain fractional ownership in the growing Diamond Hands Treasury

  • Cryptonary Pro subscription discounts

    Enjoy discounted rates on your Cryptonary Pro subscription

  • Expert insights

    Get direct access to Cryptonary's research & analysis team for exclusive cutting-edge insights

Diamond Hands Fund

Investing in Our Collective Future

The Diamond Hands Fund is our commitment to not only investing in promising projects but also empowering our members to have a say in our financial ventures. Transparency, engagement, and prosperity are the pillars of this initiative.

I'm liking the new focus on DH. I have zero complaints thus far

Our Team

Discover the Minds Behind Diamond Hands

Entangled Diamond Hands Upgrade

A Step Towards Unity

The transition to Entangled Diamond Hands (EDH) represents more than an upgrade; it's a commitment to collective progress.

This pivotal transformation enhances our community's cohesion, streamlines success tracking, and empowers every member with a stronger voice in our collective journey.

About Diamond Hands

Frequently Asked Questions

Diamond Hands is an NFT collection created for and by the Cryptonary Pro community.
Every NFT is a key to unlocking exclusive perks – access to the Diamond Hands community and Cryptonary’s research & analysis team, Cryptonary Pro subscription discounts, boosted Cryptonary affiliate commissions, voting rights and a share in the community-led "Diamond Hands Fund."
The transition to Entangled Diamond Hands enhances our community's cohesion, streamlines success tracking, and empowers every member with a stronger voice in our collective journey.